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About Steve Coplon - Right Thinking Foundation Founder

Steve Coplon
Right Thinking Foundation's Executive Director, Steve Coplon, is a life time entrepreneur who brings his extensive business career behind the walls to share real life business experiences with returning citizens to teach them skills and provide tools that will help them face real life situations upon release.

Steve earned an Accounting degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1975. He has had his own accounting practice and has worked as a business consultant for over 40 years; 15 of those with the Small Business Development Center of Hampton Roads serving hundreds of clients. He worked as a corporate executive at Cruise International serving as Chief Finance Officer, Treasurer, Director of Development and President of the Spirit Fleet which included the Spirit of Norfolk harbor dinner boat. He owned and operated a very successful marina and has been actively involved in Real Estate Development for a major part of his career.

Steve was recognized in 2008 by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce with the TowneBank Award as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Hampton Roads. He has been presenting his seminar on Personal Finance and Small Business Ownership that he shares with returning citizens to business owners for over twenty years. Throughout his career he has provided personal budgeting counseling to thousands of people. Steve, a Karate Master, has worked as a volunteer for 42 years at the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, teaching thousands of students.