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About Right Thinking Foundation

VISION: To help returning citizens to a better chance of success at becoming productive contributing members of society by providing vocational rehabilitation services such as education in the areas of personal financial management, entrepreneurship skills and job counseling. Right Thinking Foundation will help these unemployed returning citizens who have a job market disadvantage to stabilize their lives by providing a platform through which they can communicate and stay connected with mentors and potential employers in positive ways.

MISSION: Right Thinking Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with incarcerated individuals to prepare them for life once they are released from prison or jail. It provides technology, training and services that connect these individuals with mentors, businesses and state agencies so they can productively use their time and be prepared for a successful return to society. It will then follow-up with and provide help to those released to continue to be productive, healthy members of society.

Recidivism is a problem of epidemic proportions. Many incarcerated individuals that are ready to succeed upon release fail and recidivate because they are not properly prepared for reentry and the difficulties that they will face.

Right Thinking Foundation provides pre-release services in correctional facilities working with incarcerated job seekers who desperately need a second chance. The program provides these individuals a better chance of success by helping them to change the way they think about their personal finances so that they become more aware of how money works in their lives. This will assist them as they learn to plan ahead making right decisions, reducing the amount of stress in their lives, and not reverting back to the old ways of thinking that resulted in their incarceration.

Right Thinking Foundation will recruit into its program returning citizens who are fully committed to success upon release and then stay with them as they make the transition from incarceration to becoming a productive member of society. RTF will work with potential employers to reduce the perceived risk of hiring ex-offenders that are participating in the RTF program. A data base of employers who may be receptive to hiring ex-offenders will be developed. These employers will be participating because they feel strongly that ex-offenders need a second chance and that hiring them is good for society.